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Bracco, s.r.o. - obchod s kynologickými potřebami

Žďárec 8, 594 56 Žďárec , Czech Republic,,, tel: +420 702 07 07 06


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Bracco, s.r.o. Bracco blog for dogs

Dear breeders of hunting and sportily minded dogs,  watchdogs, pets, cats and     other domestic animals.

Let me welcome you in our e-shop and workshop. Main businness of Bracco, s.r.o. company is a production of professional equipment for a training of hunting dogs. The most popular and required Bracco products are primarily these products-dummies with a fur and without a fur, whistles for dog training, hunting leads, exhibition leads, dog collars, high-visibility vests for dogs and reflective collars, field trial leads, dummy-hunting vests, dummy-hunting bags, bowls for dogs, cases for delicacies, products from Biothane material and many other items....


MB brand is specialized in sport cynology, dogs and in a relationship between dog and his loyal human friend. This is done by products or consulting which is still developing. Products are carefully designed to meet maximally not only estetic aspect, but mainly it´s functionality. The most popular products of MB brand are primarily - Professional tugger toys, antibaby - hygiene sanitary pants, cases for delicacies, leads, harnesses, amulets, fashion jewellery, products with dog motifs and products with embroideries of our design...

We always try the products and goods on us with a help of our tireless fauna, so you don´t have to worry about functionality of the products. All our products are handmade in Czech Republic. We do our best to use only quality materials, mainly made here. In case you can´t find something in our offer of products or goods, don´t hesitate to inform us about it. Because we make mainly professional training equipment, our experienced team will be happy to help you with a choice, mainly if you are a beginner.


Have a nice time. We look forward to a cooperation with you.


I wish you well, Michaela Bartáková, Bracco, s.r.o.





Price: 44,80 EUR with VAT

37,02 EUR without VAT

MB bag for dog Sweet Home

Bag or dog bed? The bag is so comfortable that your dog barely recognizes. The interior of ...

Price: 59,60 EUR with VAT

49,25 EUR without VAT

Price: 3,22 EUR with VAT

2,66 EUR without VAT

Price: 8,80 EUR with VAT

7,27 EUR without VAT

Bracco Dummy vest Comfort Easy, different sizes.

Lightweight Bracco Dummy Vest becoming cut. Fulfills all the necessary parameters for a ch ...

Price: 75,60 EUR with VAT

62,48 EUR without VAT

Price: 51,56 EUR with VAT

42,61 EUR without VAT

Bracco Dummy Ball Throw Chuck It! Different sizes and colors.

Bracco Dummy Ball is made of the same materials as the Standard Dummy, specially made for ...

Price: 7,20 EUR with VAT

5,95 EUR without VAT

Price: 20,80 EUR with VAT

17,19 EUR without VAT

Price: 19,60 EUR with VAT

16,20 EUR without VAT

MB Playful Toy khaki/orange 8 with fur or without fur

.....Genuine fur, or without fur ....

Price: 19,92 EUR with VAT

16,46 EUR without VAT

Price: 9,60 EUR with VAT

7,93 EUR without VAT




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