BRACCO dog harness ACTIVE, green / spot - various sizes.

Availability: 7 days
Producer: BRACCO
  • safe harness for a dog
  • suitable for dog sports and regular use
  • adaptable to a dog´s movement
  • it does not destroy the dog's skeleton by inappropriate pulling the dog's joints
  • careful processing, quality material
  • made in the Czech Republic

The Bracco ACTIVE HARNESS is a great choice not only for dog sports but also for casual use because
the harness cut supports healthy chest spine and dog´s hips.
The harness is made of waterproof lining, padding and strong waterproof fabric.
It is enriched by reflective elements that are a positive complement for the safety of your dog.
The harness, thanks to waterproof material, can also be used for water activities.
There are two rings on the upper part of the harness (back).
The first one is suitable for dog control, the other for dog sports.
Plastic buckles have a non-opening lock.
The straps are adjustable for a relatively large span.
common activities
auto harness ... and other activities
the size of the harness neck circumference chest circumference back length

BACK LENGTH - Length of the back means the length from the neck to the widest circumference of the ribs.
If you are not sure about the size, please write us a note of the dog size according to our table in your order.
made in Bracco

neck circumference 

   neck circumference      

     chest circumference

    back length

mini 0

14-18 cm

25-39 cm 

12 cm 

mini 1

18-22 cm

38-50 cm 

14 cm

mini 2

24-24 cm

40-55 cm

14 cm 


27-30 cm

50-65 cm 

18 cm 


32-38 cm

55-70 cm 

18 cm 


35-40 cm

65-85 cm 

21 cm


40-45 cm

70-85 cm 

25 cm 


43-50 cm

75-90 cm

27 cm

L / kurz

50-55 cm

85-105 cm

20 cm

L / lang

50-55 cm

85-105 cm

30 cm

XL / kurz

55-60 cm

90-120 cm

24 cm

XL / lang

55-60 cm

90-120 cm

30 cm


60-65 cm

95-125 cm

32 cm


65-72 cm

112-130 cm

35 cm

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