Bracco dog training belt Multi, black/pink

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Producer: Bracco Exkluzivní výrobky - zvýšená garance
  • Sufficient storage space
  • The main pocket can hold two 500g standard dummy
  • Padded waterproof pockets
  • The snack pill is secured against grease
  • Space for safe storage of phone, wallet
  • Pocket for dog´s excrement bags
  • Possibility to attach the support strap around the shoulder
  • Three-years guarantee!

This product is a visual pleasure for people who prefer to wear the training tools around the waist. Its space will take everyone who needs to have everything for training by his hand.
The front pocket is especially intended for plenty of treats. Dogs are big gourmets, so you have to choose the appropriate treat for a successful training, such as cheese, meat ... etc. These treats are usually greasy, so this pocket is also filled with a special moisture and grease-resistant cloth.
The shape of the pocket is adapted to the human hand to pleasure the hand repeating manipulation with treats.
There is a zipper closure space above the front pocket.
There is a simple pocket inside the main pocket, for  a notebook, etc.
There is a zipped pocket at the part worn on the body where we can safely put money, documents etc.
On the right side of the bag, there is a net pocket and a nylon pocket for writing accessories on the other side.
There is a zipper pocket on the belt itself that can be filled with dog´s excrement bags.
The belt is designed to hold position steadily there is a buckle  with a self-locking safety catch at the end.
The belt includes two half rings and a carabiner.

Bracco Multi Belt Proportions:
The size of the main section - width 20cm, depth 7.5cm and height 28cm
Belt length - from 60cm to 135cm (if you need a longer strap, write it in the order note)

Material composition of the belt:
Waterproof polyamide cloth
Grease-resistant cloth
Quality zips
High strength threads
Buckle with fuse
Metal components

Hand made in Bracco, Czech Republic 

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50295 Bracco dog training belt Multi- black and pink
Pink / black
Availability: In stock
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