Bracco Dummy 1,2 kg, 2 kg, 2,5 kg a 3 kg- khaki

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Availability: 7 days
Producer: BRACCO
  • to 1.2 kg floats
  • Sturdy cotton fabric (Czech production).
  • Stainless stud (Germany).
  • Special floating filling (Czech).
  • Ergonomic plastic handle comfortable to hold and throw (Czech).
  • Quality thread for firm seams (Germany)
This Dummy is made from high quality cotton fabric. Its convenient shape allows a dog to grab it with ease. This dummy is the right thing for your dog even if it has smaller muzzle, like e.g. Flat Retriever. Bracco Retriever Dummy is perfect for training both ashore and to 1.2 kg in water. Suitable for Retrievers from eight months.
CodeNamePrice excl. VATPrice incl. VAT
10306 Bracco Dummy 1,2 kg- khaki
1 200 g
Availability: 7 days
10307 Bracco Dummy 2 kg- khaki
2 000 g
Availability: 7 days
10308 Bracco Dummy 2.5 kg- khaki
2 500 g
Availability: 7 days
10309 Bracco Dummy 3 kg- khaki
3 000 g
Availability: 7 days
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