Bracco Dummy Bag Trainer L, various colors

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Producer: Bracco Exkluzivní výrobky - zvýšená garance

Bracco Dummy Bag, (used for the 10x 500g Dummy)
A very popular type of bag for this unique property and the weight distribution, so that your shoulder was the least burdened, which is an especially useful during longer workouts.
The strap length is adjustable and so satisfying body size from 160-185 cm in height. If you have your own wishes regarding the length of the strap, write it into the order notes. Ideally your height and body type.
The strap is secured with a plastic buckle fuse, so you do not have to be worried that the buckle would be opened. Bags are made of two kinds of material, are from external cotton or polyamide fabric. The interior of the bag forms a further inner waterproof fabric which can be removed and if necessary, get rid of the dirt.
In front of the bag is big enough pocket into which you can insert e.g. dog leash, snacks, folding bowls for food etc.
This pocket is divided into two sections.
Into back pocket, which is secured by a zipper, you can hide the documents, or other private proprieties.
Another pocket is on the leading strap around a shoulder. There you can place a mobile phone (if it allows the size of your device), or cigarettes.  
Properties Bracco Dummy Bag
The size of the main space: height 35 cm, width 35 cm and depth of 13 cm
The size of front pocket: height 23 cm, width 20 cm and depth 6 cm
The size of the back pockets: height 20 cm, width 30 cm
The size of pocket for mobile phone: height 13 cm, width 10 cm and depth of 2 cm

The materials used for Bracco Dummy Bag
The outer fabric: robust cotton or polyamide waterproof fabric
Inner fabric: reinforced waterproof lining
Buckles: plastic buckles of Czech production
Threads: made of German Production

Bags can be cleaned manually.

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50104 Bracco Dummy Bag Trainer L, brown polyamide
Availability: 7 days
50103 Bracco Dummy Bag Trainer L, khaki polyamide
Availability: 7 days
50102 Bracco Dummy Bag Trainer L, Khaki cotton
Khaki cotton
Availability: 7 days
50105 + embroidered motif, various colors
Availability: 7 days
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