Bracco Dummy Vest Comfort Easy- various sizes.

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Producer: Bracco Exkluzivní výrobky - zvýšená garance

Lightweight Bracco Dummy Vest becoming cut. 
Fulfills all the necessary parameters for a challenging workout.

- quality polyamide fabric

- plastic clips of Czech production

- extremely durable threads for stressed parts of the vest

- waterproof lining, which is padded a back pocket for dummy or animal, so there is no leakage of fluid at the back of the vest wearer

- front pockets (after opening you will find that it have a pocket with split space and in sufficient volume e.g. a leash, dog treats ...)

- on the back side pockets, extra spacious zippered pockets (for documents, etc.)

- front parts vests are sewn from double fabric, which helps the stability and long life vests

- straps of Czech production (shoulders, hips)

- metal buckles on the shoulder straps for adjust the size of the circumference and length of the shoulder straps

-padded shoulder straps

- front buckle on strap with adjustable length to select the size of the circuit

Recommendation for selection of correct size:

S: figure up to approx. 160cm, slim 

M: figure up to 175cm slim or less then 175cm plump

L: figure over 180cm

XL: big figure

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50195 Bracco Dummy Vest Comfort Easy- size S
Availability: 7 days
50196 Bracco Dummy Vest Comfort Easy- size M
Availability: 7 days
50197 Bracco Dummy Vest Comfort Easy- size L
Availability: 7 days
50198 Bracco Dummy Vest Comfort Easy- size XL
Availability: 7 days
Color:khaki / brown
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