Bracco Dummy with fox fur- 4000 g- 7000 g

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Producer: Bracco Exkluzivní výrobky - zvýšená garance
  • A very good version of a fox replica. 

Bracco three-part dummy is a reliable tool to teach hunting dog correctly také animals into muzle.

For this purpose, shape dummy, which in the final weight, faithfully mimics the shape of the animals.

This kind of dummy, like all others, we can also put the smell of animal on it and use for teaching the siding.

First teach a dog the commands to grab hold or take on the spot (depending on how one is used). After that we are sending the dog for a dummy first time on the visible good way ideally on the road. When even this is mastered, we can gradually terrain and distance make it more difficult.

Parameters of dummy:

Dummy 3000-7000 g
Length: 71 cm
Circumference: 33 cm

Materials used:

Bracco Dummy Canvas Double-3000 g - 7000 g three-part with fur.
Very good quality polyamide fabric is the production in the Czech Republic with double layer for extreme fur from Czech Republic as well, sand and extremely resistant thread.


CodeNamePrice excl. VATPrice incl. VAT
10148 Bracco Dummy with fox fur 4000 g
4 000 g
Availability: 7 days
10149 Bracco Dummy with fox fur 5000 g
5 000 g
Availability: 7 days
10150 Bracco Dummy with fox fur 7000 g
7 000 g
Availability: 7 days
Material:Cotton, genuine fox fur
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