Bracco exhibition Waist bag, size M- various emroidery dogs

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  • Bracco exhibition Waist Bag

Bracco Waist Bag will always perfectly represent you (wether at exhibition ring, during training or walking) by it´s nice design.

Bracco Waist Bag is made of a quality cotton of Czech production. An inner part is made from waterproof solid lining, which is proof not only against water but against grease too. We can use the bag for more greasy treats  and our clothes won´t be damaged.

Bracco Waist Bag is to be worn around waist, like a bum bag. The bag is very stable and a pattern is designed to fit every hand size, but moreover to get the treat comfortably and quickly when it´s required.

Quality straps of Czech production are 20, or  25mm wide, it matches the bag, but it mainly secures it´s stability during wearing. Size of the strap suits almost to every body shape.

The bag is decorated with a beautiful embroidery, which is our author work. If you wish your own design of embroidery, send us an email,  That goes also for a case you want a different length of the strap or different size of the bag.

Bracco Waist Bag size L:

Height: 18 cm

Width AT ZIP PART: 15cm 

Width at the widest part: 21cm

Depth: 3 cm

Length of strap: 78 cm - 125 cm

Bracco Waist Bag size M:

Height: 12 cm

Width AT ZIP PART: 12cm 

Width at the widest part: 16cm

Depth: 3 cm

Length of strap: 78 cm - 125 cm

You write the number embroidery to order notes.

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50058 Bracco exhibition Waist Bag, size M- beige embroidery
Availability: 7 days
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