Bracco Rabbit Dummy- full fur 120 g

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Producer: BRACCO
  • real fur is interesting for most dogs
  • this dummy can be used for small dog mouths as a reward for work done
  • only for retrieving
  • for larger breeds of dogs - who tend to look through the eyes
  • three-year warranty!
Code: V1209

Bracco Dummy whole fur, it is an indispensable tool for teaching carry furred animals. Through increasing the burden hunting dog prepares to wear the real animals, but it also gets used to hold fur in the muzzle itself. In fact, some dogs have with this a problem.

This is such a vanguard Dummy Bracco Dummies three-piece, but also for basic tests is required bringing furry dummy or actual animals.

Weight of furred dummy is chosen according to the age of the dog, but also by the size of the breed.

For example, the dachshund begins on weight and 250 g Retriever min. weight 500 grams.

In the event that begins with an adult dog carry dummy, do not overload it! In this way can teaching his resistance. Each new discipline we set so that it doggie can in easiest possible way to understand and only then increase the difficulty of the task.

 Furry dummy advantage is that it may not begin practicing immediately with animals, so if there is a mistake problem in our training, in this way doesn't happen the resistance of the animals. Also important is that we learn hunting dog discipline in relation to the coat and also the animals.

Furred dummy in no case do we use in a water, we would damage the fur in this way. If we practice in the wet grass the damp, dummy after coming out of training let air dry.

On the dummy we can apply smell of animals and using a rope to pull the dummy and teach this dog to hunt down and bring the animals, or it traced. With this also we begin on easy terrain (road) and then, after achieving the desired result, we choose the terrain difficult. In this sport has seen doggie terrain, which is intended to train. It is strictly followed the trail.

The parameters of each dummy ... all dummy length is measured without string:

70g- (use dwarven breeds, or large breeds for improving the smell)

Length: 17 cm

Circumference: 13.5 cm

80g- (use dwarven breeds, or large breeds for improving the smell)

Length: 12cm

Circumference: 16.5 cm 

120g- (use small breeds dogs)

Length: 19 cm

Weight:120 g
Material 2:Cotton
Material:Real rabbit fur
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