Bracco Rabbit Dummy- full fur- weight 1200 g, 2000 g, 2500 g, 3000 g

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Producer: Bracco Exkluzivní výrobky - zvýšená garance
  • for large breeds of hunting dogs from the age of nine months or more
  • dummy with real fur is a useful tool for feathering practice game
  • dummy is lined with extremely strong fabric
  • 3 years warranty!

Bracco Dummy full fur, is an indispensable mediator for teaching wearing fur.

First, by increasing the load hunting dog prepares to wear real game, but also it used to hold the coat itself in the mord. Some dogs have problems with this. This Dummy is such a vanguard of Bracco three-piece Dummies, but also for basic tests is required to bring furry retrieves, or even the game itself.

The weight of the fur retrieve is chosen according to the age of the dog, but also according to the size of the breed. For example, a dachshund starts at 250g and a Retriever for min. weight 500g. If the adult dog starts to wear only retrieve, unnecessarily overload it, so this did not arise in teaching his resistance. Each new discipline is set so that the dog understands it as easily as possible, and then we increase the difficulty of the task. The advantage of furry retrieves is that we do not have to start training immediately from the game and so if our mistake arises a problem in training, there is no resistance to the game. It is also important that we teach the hunting dog discipline in relation to the hair and thus the game itself. Furly retrieves in any case do not throw into the water, we would lose hair. If we practice in wet grass… in damp, let the fetch dry after air coming from training. On the retrieves we can apply the smell of game and use a string to pull the retrieve and teach this dog to track and bring the game, or trace it. We also start with this on a light terrain (road) and then after reaching the desired result we choose a terrain more difficult. In this discipline dog does not see the terrain, which is intended for training. He goes down the trail.

Parameters of individual retrieves: stated length for all retrieves is WITHOUT string with handle!

1200g-3000g (used extensively by hunting dogs who plan to pursue hunting activities) Length: 37cm, Perimeter: 34cm.

Used materials for full fur Bracco Dummy: real fur: we use exclusively from the Czech Republic from our supplier, so we are sure that the fur is not harmful to health. Filler: sand, threads: extremely resistant threads of German production, fabric: polyamide fabric, or high-quality fabric of Czech production, ergonomic handle, heavier retrieves from 2kg, we prefer to lay… don't throw, stainless steel stud.

Aports are only for training ... please do not let dogs play with them!

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10116 Bracco Rabbit Dummy- full fur 1200 g
1 200 g
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10117 Bracco Rabbit Dummy- full fur 2000 g
2 000 g
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10118 Bracco Rabbit Dummy- full fur 2500 g
2 500 g
Availability: 7 days
10119 Bracco Rabbit Dummy- full fur 3000 g
3 000 g
Availability: 7 days
Material:Cotton, rabbit fur
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