Bracco Rabbit Dummy- full fur 70 g

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Producer: BRACCO
  • real fur is interesting for most dogs
  • this dummy can be used for small dog mouths as a reward for work done
  • only for retrieving
  • for larger breeds of dogs - who tend to look through the eyes
  • three-year warranty!
Code: V1759

Pocket Dummy has been designed for hunting dog breeds (mainly for Retrievers) for improvement of their smell. As the pocket dummy is small it is not so easily visible as the classic Dummy and dogs have to involve their smell much more to be able to find it. It is also a great choice for those who train dogs during their work. Dummy is small, inconspicuous while it meets all criteria.

It is made from quality cotton fabric like the classic Dummy. The length of this Dummy is 12 cm, it has approx. 3,5 cm in diameter and it weights 70 g.
It is also suitable for training in water thanks to the used floating mixture.

Pocket Dummy is a pleasant surprise also for dog breeds with a smaller muzzle, who retrieve passionately.

Weight:70 g
Material 2:Cotton
Material:Real rabbit fur
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