Bracco Soft Hand, dog leash for middle breeds, different colors 260 cm

Availability: 14 days
Producer: Bracco Exkluzivní výrobky - zvýšená garance
  • variability
  • soft in a hand
  • stable
  • elegant
  • popular theme of paws
  • suitable for training (not hunting)
  • heighten warranty!

There are several advantages of switching leash contrary to hand leash. For example:
By wearing around the body, after releasing the dog by putting on the ending part-free hands.
Better coordination with the dog.
Length of the leash.
The dog can be easily secured, for example, by a pillar.
Variability of the leash for different figures of a dog trainers.

The leash can be switched to four positions.
-round a body for a skinny and a middle figure
-round the body for a stronger figure
-creating a hand loop 
-reduction in half
Leash length approx. 260cm

The material used for Bracco Soft Hand switching leash:
-polyamide strap of Czech production
-softshell material
-Carabiner corresponding to the size of a dog
-The beautiful ribbon with the theme of the paws

The leash is made by us in Bracco, Czech Republic

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