Bracco Teacher Dummy Standard, size 500 g - weight 1000 g

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Producer: Bracco Exkluzivní výrobky - zvýšená garance
  • Bracco Teacher Dummy Standard in high quality.
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Bracco Dummy Standard We invented for you this traditional Dummy, which is many years used with succes for satisfaction of most demanding and most passionate trainers of Retievers. Bracco Dummy Standart is made by sewing of very consistent double layered fabric. Double lyered fabric assure you not only the quality and longevity of this dummy, but it’s also really good on keeping itself on surface of water. Short shape of Dummy Standart serves dog so he can easily take the Dummy in the middle and rounded shape serves dog so it won’t toss it in it’s mouth and won’t play with it.
Weight:1 000 g
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