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Bracco Dogsport Vest, black/orange- different sizes.
Bracco Dogsport Vest, black/orange- different sizes.
• Three-years warranty!
• lightweight
• elegant
• stable
• waterproof
• lot of space for training tools
• a place… More information

About Bracco.
Products under the Bracco brand are sewn by our Czech seamstresses.
We choose high-quality materials so that the products last a long time and there is no problem after a while.... if necessary, the product can be repaired.... so that it can continue to serve its purpose.
In our offer you will find mainly needs for hunting dog training, for dog sports, dog games and other dog activities. The hunting training category includes items such as a hunting leash, which we sew by hand and provide a three-year guarantee. Furthermore, in our production list you will find many types of dummies for dogs. We only make dummies with fur from Czech raw materials, because the origin of the materials and the means of their processing must be taken into account for the sake of the dog's health.

Animal scents are commonly used for dummies, they motivate the dog at work and encourage the desire to successfully spy. We offer whistles for dog training from the English company Acme, or Bracco dog whistles, both brands have a specified frequency - sound, and you, if you lose it, have the option of purchasing a whistle to which your dog is used to reacting.

The equipment of an active hunting dog certainly includes a signal vest for a dog or a signal collar for a dog. In the production of these products, which belong to the safety elements of the dog, we place particular emphasis on quality, because they are subject to increased load during practice, and so here too the warranty period is three years.

Hunting training of a dog is not complete without a high-quality hunting bag, or in other words Dummy bags. Hunting vests and dummy vests are also popular. We provide a five-year warranty on these vests. The dummy bag is designed and sewn so that it sits stably on the shoulder and does not slip or bind when sending the dog. The dummy vest will be especially appreciated by those who need not only free hands during training, but more dummies or other training aids.

Popular products include dog toys that are made to withstand a dog's maximum passion. The toys are made in combination with artificial or real fur... from fox fur, rabbit fur or sheep fur.

Other pet supplies for dogs in our range include-

Harnesses for dogs, and we divide them into two categories. Sports harnesses for dogs and universal harnesses that are suitable for dog sports or for general use. The ideal harness for a dog is such that when pulling, the pressure goes to the chest and not necessarily to the hip, cervical spine... this is fully fulfilled, for example, by the Bracco Active dog harness.

The production program also includes a KILT skirt for dog training, an agility vest, a training belt, a hiking bag, a backpack and other great things for favorite activities with the dog.

Other pet supplies we offer include: dog blanket, drybed blanket, vetbed blanket, dog treat, dog bowl, dog travel bowl, show leash.....

It is important for us to choose the right material, healthy and of high quality, and to devote ourselves to production with the utmost care. This is because we value our nature and with it the health of the dogs, who can be our companions for many years.
We enjoy it and thank you for your inspiration.
Your Bracco team.

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