Bracco Duck Dummy Authentic 800g, various colors

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Producer: BRACCO
  • Bracco Duck Dummy Authentic with wings is successful model of duck and pheasant with wings
  • Thanks to its real shape, your dog will easily learn how to bring feathered game successfully.

Weights produced-

250g- for dogs from three months

500g-for dogs from six months

750g-for dogs from nine months

Qualities of Bracco Duck Dummy-

- string enables long throw

- shape of duck will safely help to carry feathered game correctly

- it is possible to combine Duck Dummy with game smell

- thanks to the special filling used, it is possible to train with it in water without any problems 

Material used for production of Duck Dummy Authentic-


-extremly solid threads

-stainless stud

-floating filling

It is recommended to start with training gradually. At first in easy terrain and then  increase the difficulty. ( reed etc.) 


All dummies are intended only for training and not for playing games!

Products of Bracco and MB brands are produced by us in the Czech Republic.

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VAU1042 Bracco Duck Dummy Authentic 800 g, black/white.
Black / White
Availability: 7 days
VAU1012 Bracco Duck Dummy Authentic 800 g, khaki/orange
Khaki / Orange
Availability: 7 days
Material:Polyamide, floating mixture
Weight:800 g
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