Welcome to our shtore. You can buy almost everything we offer in the e-shop.

We are open every Wednesday from 8.00 to 20.00, or according to a phone call arrangement.

In our store you can buy:

-Leather dog collars, biothane dog collars, signal dog collars, nylon dog collars

-Dog Leashes from REP cords, dog hunting leashes, short dog leashes into hand, leather dog leashes

-Dog Tracking check cord leashes

-Dog Hunting check cord leashes

-Dog whistles

-Signal vests

-Dog harnesses

-Dummy vests, Hunting vests

-Dog treats pouches, dog show bags

-Dog hunting bags, Dog training bags

-Agility skirts

-Dog toys

-Dog treats

-Dry dog food

-Bags for dogs

-Game scents

-Duck dog dummy, dog dummy with fur, dog dummy without small to bite into....and more.

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Take your dog on a trip!

In our vicinity there are beautiful forests, meadows, ponds ... and also pubs directly in the nature.

From us you can walk through the valley along the Libochůvka river towards Řikonín… there is a ranch called U Bizona anda club called U Trempů behind it.

In the other direction… towards Strážek… there is a Mitrov farm where you can buy healthy meat, dairy products and other very good products… and they also cook there.

Down under them is Podmitrov. Certainly very well known amongst a lot of dog owners because of the dog training camps that take place there. You can stay there, they cook well and the stay is very attractive especially for children because they keep a lot of pets and have a jungle gym, it's great.

In the direction from us to Drahonín there is Šafránkův Mlýn …… and there is still plenty to discover, mainly beautiful nature.

Our address is:

Bracco, s.r.o., Žďárec 8, 594 56, Ždárec, Czech Republic, tel 00420 702 07 07 06

GPS  49.3765067N, 16.2654858E

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We are looking forward to you!

Michaela, Matěj and Team

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