Bracco Dummy Vest Profi Comfort khaki cotton, various sizes.

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Producer: Bracco Exkluzivní výrobky - zvýšená garance

The vest is very well manufactured and care is taken selecting quality components.

Bracco Vest is designed to fullfil its practical function but also to look well on its owner.

Bracco vest Comfort consists of the following components:

-quality polyamide or cotton fabric

-plastic buckles of Czech made ( the front fastening of the vest consists of more buckles, which is more convinient in comparison to the other vests with just one buckle, as thanks to them, vest does not come open )

-extremely durable threads for loaded joints

-waterproof lining of the back pocket for dummies or game, so there is no need to worry about leakage of liquid on the back of the vest wearer

-pickled front pockets (when you unfasten them, you realize, that there is a pocket with devided space and sufficient volume for e.g. lead, snacks... )

-in the inner part of the back pocket, there is a tunnel, which is intended for belt. It can be stretched through, which enables to relieve shoulder from load during a long training.

-spacious pockets for mobile phone or cigarettes

-front parts of the pockets are made from double-layer fabric, which helps the stability and longer life of the vest

-Czech made straps (shoulders, hips)

-metal buckles on shoulders and side straps to enable adjustability of circumference and of the shoulder straps length

-padded shoulder protectors

Recommendation for selection of correct size:

S: figure up to approx. 160cm, slim 

M: figure up to 175cm slim or less then 175cm plump

L: figure more then 175cm plump up to thicker, or short and thick

XL: fat figure

made in czech republic

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50199 Bracco Dummy Vest Profi Comfort khaki cotton, size S
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50200 Bracco Dummy Vest Profi Comfort khaki cotton, size M
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50201 Bracco Dummy Vest Profi Comfort khaki cotton, size L
Availability: 3 weeks
50202 Bracco Dummy Vest Profi Comfort khaki cotton, size XL
Availability: 3 weeks
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