Bracco Pheasant Dummy 250 g, 500 g, 1000 g, STRENGHTENED

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  • Bracco Pheasant dummy is made from natural scalp of complete pheasant. 
  • Pheasant dummies with real feathers last much longer than game.
  • It is possible to apply the smell of game on the retrieves and train the snooping.

Bracco Pheasant Dummy is an excellent tool for practicing feathered game.

We produce it in the following variants:

250g - for a small mord, or puppies

500g - the most used weight, for ages from six months dog with a standard size of the morde

1000g - from nine months.

Properties of Bracco Pheasant Dummy 

In our production, we try to keep the pheasant retrieve, despite the fragility of its skin as long as possible, and training with it was therefore as effective as possible. This will be especially appreciated by coaches, who use retrieves often. First we apply a firm cotton fabric on the pheasant skin and we will sew it carefully including the feathers. This gives the leather strength and durability. We take the skin and then apply it to the retrieve by hand stitching. This is in our experience the most reliable. We have already encountered retrieves, which were used electrician tightening straps, but they are not used because of the dog could the sharp ends of the cut tape injured.

How do we use Dummy for this product? The Bracco Pheasant Dummy uses Bracco Dummy Standard. Pheasant odor can be used on Dummy Pheasant for a higher effect.

The following material is used for Bracco Dummy with feathers:

  • Robust cotton fabric of Czech production,
  • special floating mixture (pheasant is not throwing into the water),
  • ergonomic handle made of safe plastic for comfortable throw,
  • real feathers,
  • cotton fabric for lining of scalp,
  • firm threads made in Germany

Aport is for training only - not for playing!

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10100 Bracco Pheasant Dummy 250 g
250 g
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10101 Bracco Pheasant Dummy 500 g
500 g
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10102 Bracco Pheasant Dummy 1000 g
1 000 g
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Material:Cotton, pheasant feathers
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