ACME double whistle dog whistle, 6 cm or 9 cm

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Label: Acme
Producer: Acme
  • Acme Moulded Double Tone Combi Whistle

ACME Whistles

211 ½ - the most used whistle among retrievers, it is possible to form even lower tones beautifully with it

212 - whistle with longest reach and widely used among pointers

210 ½ - whistle with a higher tone

210 - trill whistle used for work in water, wind, or for the 'lie down' or 'sit' command (stop-whistle)

640,641- two-tone whistles

Acme whistles are a good choice, because their tone is still the same ... unchanging in the case of illness, changing weather or in the case of change of the dog's leader.

If you happen to lose the whistle or if the whistle wears out, you are sure that you will always receive a whistle with the same tone to what your dog is used to.

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20036 ACME double whistle dog whistle, 6 cm- 641
6 cm
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20037 ACME double whistle dog whistle, 9 cm- 640
9 cm
Availability: 7 days
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