Bracco Bumper Dummy Marking 300 g - floating, different colors.

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  • comfortable and long throw thanks to cord
  • excellent for training in water
  • dummy can be smelled game 
  • thanks to neon colors excellent for beginners
  • easy to record thanks to two-color design

Dummy made especially for work in water, but you can use it for other work. Dummy is made of solid polyamide fabric.

We produce it not only in the weight of 300g, but also 500g.

300g - from three months of larger breeds, or for hunting dogs with a smaller morda
500g - from five months of larger breeds

You have the option to choose Dummy monochrome or two-color Dummy - Marking Dummy. Marking Dummy is used for two-color design. The advantage of Marking Dummy is better to record the Dummy flight, but it is also more visible on the ground or on the water surface. The Bracco Bumper Dummy has a cord that allows even non-throwers a quality and long throw. The Bracco Bumper Dummy is also suitable for use with game odors.

Features Bracco Bumper Dummies
300gWeight: 300g, diameter: 5.5cm, Dummy body length: 27cm, dummy circumference: 18.5 cm, length of throwing line: approx. 34cm.

Material used for Bracco Bumper Dummies:

  • solid polyamide fabric
  • floating compound 
  • high quality PP cord
  • strong threads

Dummies are designed for work, do not let dogs play with them Made by us in the Czech Republic.

CodeNamePrice excl. VATPrice incl. VAT
10132 Bracco Bumper Dummy Marking 300 g, blue/pink.
Neon blue / neon pink
Availability: 7 days
10133 Bracco Bumper Dummy Marking 300 g, blue/orange.
Neon blue / neon orange
Availability: 7 days
10134 Bracco Bumper Dummy Marking 300 g, green/blue
neon zelená/neon modrá
Availability: 7 days
10135 Bracco Bumper Dummy Marking 300 g, green/pink
Neon green / neon pink
Availability: on stock
10136 Bracco Bumper Dummy Marking 300 g, black/white
Black / White
Availability: 7 days
Material:Polyamide, floating mixture
Weight:300 g
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