Bracco check cords with anti-slip, different lengths and types, purple.

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Producer: Bracco Exkluzivní výrobky - zvýšená garance
  • without a hand-grip
  • with a hand-grip
  • medium carabiner
  • large carbiner
  • three years warranty

A hand-sewn check cords for sports' dog training, dog obedience training, or hunting training.
Hand-sewn cords have a rubber layer woven into them in order to prevent unpleasant touch when you yank the dog  or to prevent slipping in damp environment.
The strap for the check cord is firmly woven and hence it can withstand a very demanding terrain.

Check cords are produced with or without a hand-grip.
We offer check cords with a standard carbine type or check cords with a massive carbine for big and vivid dog breeds.
If you need a check cord with a hand-grip or with a big carabiner, it is necessary to check the corresponding boxes in the menu.

The cord lengths produced are: 5 m, 10 m, 15 m and 20 m.
The width of the strap is 20 mm.
I can be washed at 40 °C, fine wash.

Bracco handmade production in the Czech Republic.

CodeNamePrice excl. VATPrice incl. VAT
30571 Bracco check cords with anti-slip, purple 5 m
5 m
Availability: 7 days
30572 Bracco check cords with anti-slip, purple 10 m
10 m
Availability: 7 days
30573 Bracco check cords with anti-slip, purple 15 m
15 m
Availability: 7 days
30574 Bracco check cords with anti-slip, purple 20 m
20 m
Availability: 7 days
30575 bigger carbine (5)
Availability: 7 days
30576 Handle (5)
no length
Availability: 7 days
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