Bracco Fox Dummy 0,25 kg- 3,0 kg

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Producer: Bracco Exkluzivní výrobky - zvýšená garance
  • Bracco Dummy with fox fur is a great help for training of correct carriage or tracing up a fox.

Recommended weigth according to the age or size of dog:

250g: small, middle and big breeds, from 3 months

500g: middle and big breeds, from 5 months

1200g: big breeds (retrievers, hounds...), from 8 months

2000g: big breeds from 12 months and then  gradually increase the load. When the dog masters 2kg dummy, we can increase the load just minimally or also by 1 kg.



Bracco Dummy with fox fur consists of the following components:

-quality, extremely durable cotton fabric of Czech production ,

-quality threads

-fox furs, harmless to health

-fillings from PP or sand

-stainless stable studs

-ergonomical handles for comfortable throw (we throw dummies ideally upt to weigth 1200g, heavier are better just to lay down)


All Bracco products and MB products are made in our country, which means in the Czech Republic.


Warning: All dummies are intended only for training and not for game

CodeNamePrice excl. VATPrice incl. VAT
10162 Bracco Fox Dummy 2.5 kg
2 500 g
Availability: 7 days
10161 Bracco Fox Dummy 2.0 kg
2 000 g
Availability: 7 days
10160 Bracco Fox Dummy 1.2 kg
1 200 g
Availability: 7 days
10159 Bracco Fox Dummy 1 kg
1 000 g
Availability: 7 days
10158 Bracco Fox Dummy 500 g
500 g
Availability: 7 days
10157 Bracco Fox Dummy 250 g
250 g
Availability: on stock
10163 Bracco Fox Dummy 3.0 kg
3 000 g
Availability: 7 days
Material:Cotton, genuine fox fur
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