Bracco Playful toy 3, squeeze tugger toy with a genuine fur, Orange

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Bracco Playful toy 3, squeeze tugger toy with a genuine fur.

A toy made for a customer who needs to motivate a dog, or for a lively playful breed…or furious beast, which needs to get out of bad mood.

We make the tugger from polyamid sturdy fabric which is made here in Czech republic.

We use threads of strenght 30 which makes the stitches extremely firm.

Hand grip is sewn through several times.

On the opposite
side there are applied fleece ribbons for fastening or pulling, which are sewn with a fur.

Bracco Playful Toy 3:

Genuine fur

Extremely strong thread

robust polyamide fabric 

Polypropylene strap of Czech manufacture

Whistling components 3pc


Dimensions without ears and duvet: 29x8cm

Handle: 8cm

Fringe: 30cm


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