Bracco Rabbit Dummy with fur- weight 70 g, 80 g, 150 g, 250 g, 500 g, 1000 g

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Producer: Bracco Exkluzivní výrobky - zvýšená garance
  • dummy with real fur for a successful habit of feathering
  • dummy is made of extremely strong fabric
  • ergonomic handle for a comfortable and long throw
  • fur in the middle of the dummy urges the dog to take dummy in the middle = correct dummy grip
  • 3 years warranty!

The Bracco Standard Dummies Fur range is part of the Retriever's training in hunting. A strip of fur placed right in the middle of Dummy urges the dog to take Dummy in the middle and carry this habit for retrieving game. Some trainers have to prioritize it over the all-fur Dummy because the dog is constantly taking the full-fur Dummy inappropriately.

Here's a recommendation of the right Dummy weight for your dog:
70g-80g-150g - for smaller mouths from two months, or for training snooping larger breeds of dogs (retrievers, hounds)
250g - from three months old dog
500g - 5 months old dog
1000g - from nine months old dog

Even if your dog grows from a 250g Dummy weight, you will definitely continue to use it ... for training in tall grass where your dog will train snooping.
Bracco Dummy Standard can be scented by the smell of game and using a longer string to create the dog discipline tracking and bringing game. If your dog starts playing with retrieving retrieving, throwing it, we choose immediately retrieving heavier to avoid bad habits.

Here are parameters of Bracco Standard Dummies with fur (retrieves are measured without strings with handle)
70g - Circuit: 12cm, Length: 12cm
80g - Perimeter: 18.5cm, Length: 13cm
150g - Perimeter: 18cm, Length: 17cm
250g - Circuit: 18,5cm, Length: 20cm
500g - Circuit: 23cm, Length: 25cm
1000g - Circuit: 27cm, Length: 23cm

Bracco Dummy Standard with fur can be used for:

  • -Simple marking
  • -to learn handling
  • -finding retrieving-thanks to the use of game smell, siding ........

Used material for production Bracco Standard Dummies with fur: very strong cotton fabric of Czech production, extremely strong threads of German manufacturer, stainless steel stud, ergonomic handle, healthy fur… dogs do not leave retrieves alone, they are only for training and not for playing.

Made by us in the Czech Republic.

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10110 Bracco Rabbit Dummy with fur 70 g
70 g
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10111 Bracco Rabbit Dummy with fur 80 g
80 g
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10112 Bracco Rabbit Dummy with fur 150 g
150 g
Availability: 7 days
10113 Bracco Rabbit Dummy with fur 250 g
250 g
Availability: 7 days
10114 Bracco Rabbit Dummy with fur 500 g
500 g
Availability: 7 days
10115 Bracco Rabbit Dummy with fur 1000 g
1 000 g
Availability: 7 days
Material:Cotton, rabbit fur
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